On My Street

On my street lives royalty
Every resident is a king
In my city there live millions
Seeing a crown is a common thing

My mansion is on Glory Street
My street is paved with gold
It crosses over Praise Avenue
A glimmering sight to behold

On my street there are stables
Where white horses, they abound
Further on is a banquet hall where
Wedding preparations are found

On my street, I often stroll
My family, I sometimes meet
Along with friends and other saints
We go and sit at Jesus’ feet

My street, it gently winds
Always ascending to the sky
I’s destination is the peak
Of that city many miles high

My street as well as others
Culminates at His throne
Heavenly Father, the Great I Am
His glory over the city shone

His love spills down my street
In an everlasting wave
I know it because I live there
Reserved when I got saved

Tuesday, June 14, 2022