The One Of A Kind

At a garage sale, you find it
That one of a kind piece
You haggle for a better price
You’re hoping to pay the least

After negotiating the price
You fork over hard earned money
Then excited, you hurry home
To show your prize to your honey

Then all the hard work begins
As in soapy water, it goes
Then you inspect for damage
Hold under a blacklight glow

Then you do your research
You’ve countless books to search
Your magnifying glass is handy
While on your nose glasses perch

Finally, hours later you find it
And it’s better than you thought
It’s a superb one of a kind
Something so very highly sought

On it you put a high price
And you’re willing to negotiate
Then, you so gently pack it
In a sturdy, plastic crate

To the flea market, you then go
Hoping to sell your valuable prize
Many customers look and like it
To haggle for it they want to try

Finally, the right person comes along
He offers half your price
Back and forth you haggle
Over your pair of solid gold mice

A satisfactory price is finally reached
Now your mice are sold and gone
Tomorrow your search begins again
For another one of a kind at dawn

Friday, June 17, 2022