Sounds In The Night

Do you ever stop and wonder
About the sounds during the night?
Sounds other than the normal ones
That gives you quite a fright

I’m talking about the unexplained
The ones that you don’t know
The creak, the scratch, the knock
Things lurking, hidden down below

Are they a mere coincidence?
Or are they meant to scare?
Do they cause you to shudder?
Or stand on end your hair?

Nothing like a bump in the night
To make your imagination race
Has something accidentally fallen?
A thought your mind can’t erase

Is it something far more sinister?
Something out to do you harm?
Or has your mind totally snapped
And you tend to raise false alarms?

And one thing for sure is certain
There are things evil out there
When you hear a bump in the night
Remember that you must beware!

Thursday, June 23, 2022