A burning bush on a mountain top
A star shining brightly in the night
A boat heavily overloaded with fish
Many battles won without a fight

Water gushing forth from a rock
A childbirth at a very old age
Manna falling daily from the sky
A healing touch for the deranged

An ax head thought lost, floated
A body made from earthen clay
Mighty walls came tumbling down
A pillar of fire to show the way

Waters parted, it happened five times
A stubborn ass began to speak
Fish and loaves blessed, multiplied
When feeding multitudes was bleak

A walk of faith on a body of water
Time spent in the belly of a whale
Three men inside a fiery furnace
A mother, holy child, birth travail

A strong man pulled down buildings
Bloody door posts, firstborn saved
A ruler foraging a field like an animal
Because of a wall, finger engraved

Water being turned into fine wine
The lame walked, blind could see
A rolled away stone, an empty tomb
All of these are miracles to me

It’s a shame God must do miracles
To prove He’s here for you and me
If we would only learn to trust Him
How much better our lives would be

Friday, June 17, 2022