Hallowed Ground

Abraham Lincoln gave an epic address

In Gettysburg in the year of 1863

He was there to honor the dead

What he said became an epitome

The word that resounds in our minds

Is the one we know as hallow

The reason that he chose that word

Is intense, it will never be shallow

The field where those brave men died

Became revered in our minds

That hallowed ground of shed blood

Is where patriotism you will find

There is another hallowed ground

And it leads to that old rugged cross

From it drips our Savior’s blood

And through His death, we’re not lost

That sacrifice leads to the sacrament

Bread and juice becomes flesh and blood

When we partake, it becomes holy

We’re washed clean by that crimson flood

Wherever we are it becomes hallowed

When that communion crosses our lips

It is a pact made between us and Him

As we partake of it in holy worship

Hallowed ground is what you make it

Whether a battlefield cemetery or church

The meaning always stays the same

It is the holiness for which we search

June 14, 2022