Sidewalk Treasures

In a sidewalk crack, it patiently waited
It had been there a very long time
Until one day someone came along
Spotted it, and recognized the gem was prime

On his knees with tweezers he retrieved it
In an empty pill box he it stored
Feeling good about what he had done
He was sure he had financially scored

Two blocks later he found another one
It was a diamond of incredible size
In his mind, he calculated its worth
Happy he was lost gem recovery wise

It had become something quite lucrative
And all it cost him was his time
No longer does he have an employer
Who paid minimum wage, nickels, and dimes

Every day gemstones, they are lost
Waiting for someone to come along
Easy pickings for those who know how
And to them, they now belong

It’s another way to make some money
One not many know how to do
The gems, they are out there waiting
For me and just maybe for you

Thursday, June 23, 2022