A Foot At A Time

Only a foot at a time

It so very slowly goes

The shovel takes a bite

Of that mound of snow

One shovel full becomes two

Then two become three

The end of the driveway

Seems so distant to me

That shovel becomes heavy

As the day goes on

My wife brings hot chocolate

On her, I rely upon

Sun slowly begins to set

Shadows are on the snow

Looking up ahead of me

I’ve only ten feet to go

And just as I finish

A snow-bladed truck stops

Asks me If I need help

He was heading for his shop

I look at him and glare

And wave him on his way

Exhausted, I go into the house

After a bone-numbing day

My garage, I can get out

I’m no longer snowbound

I only wish that next time

That truck, it can be found

June 14, 2022