A Make Believe Christian

He was a make-believe Christian

He hid all of his sins very well

He said he was going to Heaven

Truth was, he was bound for Hell

His disguise, he wore it perfectly

Had the people at church fooled

Went through all of the motions

In deceiving he was well-schooled

Church services he never missed

He made sure that he was seen

His deception he had polished

People thought he was squeaky clean

He did the things that Christians do

In fact, did them better than most

He prayed, even sang in the choir

Of his good deeds, he would boast

Out of town, he would always go

Usually to a place he was unknown

Chances, something he never took

Or his identity would be blown

There his dark side would surface

And his true master he served

Doing things he was ashamed of

Hell was what he richly deserved

There are so many just like him

Every day they live a wicked lie

In mockery go through the motions

Their eternal home they can’t deny

Part-time Christians are everywhere

Chances are there are some you know

Sooner or later they are exposed

Their facade is just a horrible show

Friday, July 8, 2022