Tommy Turner's Dilemma

Now little Tommy Turner
Ate a piece of turnip pie
Drank a bottle of cream soda
Thought he was going to die

Took him to the hospital
His stomach they did pump
All the nastiness came out
He was no longer plump

In the hospital, he stayed
For observation overnight
For supper he asked, received
Anchovy pizza and a Sprite

Now he’s on that table
Having his stomach pumped again
He is rapidly losing weight
Starting to look quite thin

The hospital dietician came
Scolded him about meal choices
He tuned her out immediately
Got tired of rebuking voices

Home he went that day
And fixed an evening meal
Hot tamales and ginger ale
Made his stomach squeal

Now he’s getting pumped again
Swears it won’t happen again
From now on he’ll only eat
Tuna from swollen, dented tins

Tuesday, June 21, 2022