On His Knees

On his knees the pastor was

He spent time there every day

His sanctuary was his prayer closet

Met God there when he prayed

Today was no different from others

His prayer list, it was huge

His cell phone, it constantly rang

There was a prayer need deluge

As he prayed he began to smile

God’s presence, He was there

The Holy Spirit ministered to him

The time flew, he didn’t care

He was sure that God listened

In his spirit, he felt peace

Knew prayers were being answered

From the most urgent to the least

God’s attention, he felt sure he had

Felt His presence, sweet and pure

Into this, the pastor entered in

A realm of love, he felt assured

As he prayed many faces appeared

The ones for whom he prayed

Saw healing take place in many

Witnessed problems fixed that day

Suddenly the Master, He was gone

The pastor was physically drained

His cell phone, it began ringing

People shared prayers, answers gained

Tomorrow would be another day

His prayer closet, he’d be there

Lifting petitions to the Savior

For his people, he loved and cared

June 14, 2022