The Car Wash Blower

The car wash blower started

He sat straight up in bed

Glanced at his alarm clock

Two A.M.; shook his head

“Who washes their car now

In the middle of the night?”

“Don’t they know I’m sleeping?”

He started to get uptight

Down the stairs, he staggered

Intending to go confront them

Thinking about it, he stopped

From going to cause mayhem

He knew it wasn’t their fault

That he lived here

Buying the house, his mistake

He had rued it for years

Back up to bed, he went

Stuffed cotton in his ears

Turned the white noise on

Suffered through it with tears

Sell the house, he tried

No one could stand the noise

So now he is out of luck

Listening to noise that annoys

June 14, 2022