Old Man Winter

Old Man Winter, he is a grumpy old cuss

All he ever does is raise a nasty fuss

He’s cranky, ornery, and always in the way

And he’s always conniving to ruin your day

He likes to make it brutal, the wind he blows

You’ll have to bundle up in heavy winter clothes

To add to your misery he’ll add some snow

Making sure it’s an adventure wherever you go

He’ll laugh with glee when your pipes freeze

Make sure you’re without a hanky when you sneeze

Admire his handiwork as you shovel your drive

Drift it back shut, your rest he will deprive

He’ll make your heat bill so extremely high

When you have to pay it you will probably cry

He enjoys watching you on the sidewalk ice slide

Hoping you will fall, bust your butt and pride

He likes clear nights, the temperature will drop

He is very pleased when below zero it stops

Anything mechanical he loves to mess with

Car batteries, well pumps, it’s true not a myth

When he comes he always settles in for a while

He likes to wreak havoc, it surely is his style

I’m glad Old Man Winter only comes once a year

Because if he came more I would cry big tears

June 14, 2022