The Spirit Realm

I wonder what it would be like
To clearly see the spirit realm
I’m sure that there’d be sights
That my mind they’d overwhelm

To see all my guardian angels
Standing watch over me every day
Watch the winged multitudes fly
To assignments along the way

And then I’d see the other side
Press around me much too close
Wickedness exudes from his beings
Countenances both ugly, morose

A darkness quickly engulfs me
As sinister as it can ever be
But alas, it won’t be here for long
On the horizon is a light I see

It fills the sky with brightness
Announcing to all that he’s here
The host of Satan’s being cringe
As they bow their knees in fear

For the King of Kings is coming
The one I’ve so longed to see
Arrayed in robes, royal purple
And I find myself on my knees

I’m In awe as He passes by
And He turns and looks my way
Looks me in the eye and says
“My son, come with me today?

Friday, June 17, 2022