Sally The Astronaut

Sally wanted to be an astronaut
That’s all she ever talked about
Every time she watched a lift off
She’d giggle with glee and shout

She knew all the astronaut’s names
From John Glenn to Scott Carpenter
Her dream was that someday soon
On that list of names would be hers

Her room was named the NASA room
And it was decorated accordingly
Banners, posters, and news clippings
Were everywhere for one to see

She kept her dream alive, was persistent
In science at school, she excelled
Took courses she needed for college
Graduated with honors, did very well

Applied for the Space Program at NASA
Was accepted into those lofty ranks
One day saw her name on the fly list
Shouted for joy and gave God thanks

Now she is suited up and waiting
In the co-pilot’s seat, she now sits
Listening to that final countdown
And the candle she’s inside is lit

Sally’s dream has finally happened
As into the heavens, she soars
A life of adventure is finally hers
Her perseverance has opened doors

Friday, June 17, 2022