The Mighty Willow

He was walking in the willows

It was something he liked to do

Especially on a blustery rainy day

Enjoying the coolness and the view

While walking, he heard a voice

It so quietly entered his mind

Startled, he stopped and listened

To that voice, so loving and kind

God told him to slow down

Take in the surroundings, the trees

Watch as the wind stirred them

How they bent with the breeze

God told him to become like a willow

How to bend but never break

How Satan would always test him

And how to avoid making mistakes

God told him how to prosper

How to flourish like those trees

Know that no storm would prevail

He’d never succumb to any disease

God told him to stand up tall

Be a tree and clap his hands

Like others in the ministry field

He was to help his fellow man

Now he is a mighty willow

Through him runs the sap of life

He has the power to overcome

He is a tree that has no strife

Monday, August 22, 2022