Trick or Treat

It was nine o’clock on Halloween night

Candy dish empty, trick or treating was done

The front porch light had been turned off

Seeing all the costumes had been fun

She had just settled down on her recliner

When the front doorbell began to ring

With a sigh, got up, went to the door

“I’m out of candy! Can’t give them anything1”

She opened the door, but no one was there

Then stepped outside and looked around

The sidewalks were vacant, totally bare

Not a trick-or-treater could be found

Puzzled, she went back to her chair

Then heard loud pounding on her back door

Cautious, she made her way to the kitchen

Peeked out a window to the same as before

Again, her front door was incessantly ringing

She took her phone and dialed 911

What had started as a happy evening

Turned into a night where terror had begun

A police car came to a screeching halt

And two officers came to her front door

She told them what was happening

She was trembling, scared like never before

With their flashlights, they began their search

And minutes later they were at her door

They had found and caught the culprits

A ghost and goblin, squirming like never before

“Ma’am, I believe that we have caught them”

They announced with smiles on their faces

“Do you recognize these little criminals?”

“Do we take them both to jail in disgrace?”

She recognized them as her neighbor’s kids

And she knew that they were very scared

She smiled, and then shook her head no

Fixed them hot chocolate, from jail was spared

Monday, October 31, 2022