The Psychotic Rooster

At daybreak, it just has to crow
It’s all that stupid rooster does
I’d like to wring its scrawny neck
Restore the silence like it was

I no sooner finally get to sleep
That bird has to wake me up
I can’t understand it at all
Why my slumber it must disrupt

If we didn’t need that dumb bird
Sunday dinner it would be one day
Since it’s my daughter’s 4H project
Its goal is to torment me always

Every time I go remotely near it
It raises its hackles, at me flies
The look in its beady little eyes
Tells me, “You’re gonna die!”

So now I live in mortal danger
With a psychotic killer bird
Whose goal is to take me out
Who knows when it will occur

If you read in a newspaper
“Man killed by a 4H fowl”
You’ll know that it was me
When you read it and scowl

Feel sorry for me, please don’t
Where I am no rooster crows
My heavenly mansion has no coop
Of this, I surely do know

Tuesday, June 21, 2022