It Must Be Awesome

The throne room must be awesome

Far above anything, my mind can conceive

Where God the Father reigns from above

At His right hand sits Jesus, I believe

The brilliant light, it must be magnificent

Their glory outshines the sun and moon

All of Heaven basks in that Holy light

Just think, it emanates from that room

The Bible says He is like a Sardius stone

And that He has the look of sheer jasper

An emerald rainbow around Him shines

Fitting for the King of Kings, my Master

Twenty-four thrones, they surround His

With twenty-four elders wearing crowns

Four living creatures are before His throne

“Holy, Holy, Holy” is their continuous sound

Lighting around Him flashes and streaks

Rumblings of loud thunder can be heard

From His mouth comes truth and life

Directing His children by His Holy word

If all the choirs in the world were united

They couldn’t possibly equal Heaven’s choir

The constant praise and worship must be

The proper culmination of respect and desire

All of these one day I will finally see

And my curiosity will be totally satisfied

I will bow to my knees before my God

And worship the one who for me died

June 14, 2022