The Blessing Tree

Did you ever stop and wonder

How nice that it would be

If all the things you needed

You plucked them from a tree

A tree with easy access

Nurtured, without weeds or thorns

Filled with all the good in life

Barren of hatred, strife, and scorn

There’d be so many different fruits

To satisfy all of your needs

Boughs loaded to overflowing

As the good Lord has decreed

For God dusts it with His spirit

To ward off all of the bad

It makes your stop a joyous one

Under a tree so heavily clad

No more quick or crazy decisions

Would you be allowed to do

Fruits would be completely ripe

Before they came into your view

You approach it with your basket

Thinking, “What do I need today?”

“A fruit of love, Maybe two of peace

And one of faith for when I pray”

Oh, wouldn’t life be worth living

To go and gather what we need

The blessings that God has for us

From a tree that has no greed

June 14, 2022