My Golden Years

As my golden years have arrived

I find I am losing my touch

Everything I pick up I drop

And it annoys me, oh so much

I find it is so much easier

To just throw it on the floor

I know I will drop it anyway

Like so many times before

It makes no difference what it is

It will slip from my grasp

Those fingers will also fail me

If I try to undo any clasp

Buttonholes become the next issue

That makes me want to cry

Buttons too big, holes too small

The ensuing torture makes me cry

I find my arms are too short

And sometimes they are too long

My eyesight dictates their length

Focusing on an object, always wrong

Sometimes I find myself on my back

How I got there, I don’t know

The ground reaches out, grabs me

As I writhe in pain down below

I find I don’t bounce near as well

As I did when I was a kid

The stiffness I feel the next day

Dictates how my health has slid

Here I am in my golden years

I can’t see or grasp anything

I can’t stand up or button my shirt

Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

Wednesday, November 16, 2022