The Railroad Lock

It was coming up very soon
It was hidden deep in a box
He wondered did others know
About the hidden railroad lock

He knew it was terribly wrong
To do actually what he did
His conscience, it bothered him
Concerning the lock, he hid

He reasoned that others did it
It happened all of the time
Didn’t make him feel any better
Felt he had committed a crime

On the auction block, it now sat
A box of linens and dish rags
Auctioneer asked for a bid
Got none, from the table started to drag

“Fifty dollars!” he shouted
The auctioneer at him stared
“Let me see that box,” he said
While at him he boldly stared

From the box, he pulled the lock
He gave him an evil eye
He knew it would be expensive
Didn’t care, it he would buy

After the auction was over
He called him to his side
“Did you know about the lock?”
“Did in the box you it hide?”

Sheepishly he nodded, confessed
Not knowing what he’d do
Afraid that he’d be banned
He melted under his view

“Did you learn a lesson?”
“He nodded yes and he agreed
“Your conscience took a hit.”
“Are you sorry?” “He said, “Indeed.”

“Another chance I will give you.”
“Don’t you ever do it again!”
“If you do then I’ll make sure”
“No bid again will you ever win!”

Friday, June 17, 2022