A Daunting Task

It must have been a daunting task

Giving all of Earth’s creatures a name

Now Adam was given the assignment

So there is no one else to blame

How did he do it? I don’t know

Not repeating yourself would be hard

I wonder if he had a system?

There were no computers or index cards

And just how did he choose a name?

Did he do it by what he saw?

Did he separate by where they lived?

Or if they had talons or claws?

So, how did he give out names?

Did he give them on a whim?

Was there a rhyme or reason to it?

And I wonder why wasn’t it a panzeechim?

I wonder if God got amused

By the strange names Adam chose?

Such as the beast we call an elephant

Why isn’t it called longskinnynose?

I wonder if when he was done

If he looked on his work with pride?

Because it’s too late to change it now

He did his best, I know he tried

June 14, 2022