Exercise Class

It’s early Monday morning
And the class has just begun
Behind our chairs, we’re marching
Pretending we’re having fun

Our instructor is up to something
The look in her eye tells us so
If we had an inkling of what was coming
We’d all sign out and go

Now most of the time it’s easy
Nothing very hard to do
Today would be an exception
Upcoming agony, we had no clue

“Take your seat, everybody”
“Put your left foot in your right hand”
“With it touch your right ear”
“Ten reps as fast as you can”

We looked at her with amazement
She’s the instructor, we had to try
Moans, screams of pain resounded
As the torture made all of us cry

We old-timers, we’re a hardy bunch
We keep coming back for more
But today got the best of us
As we hobbled toward the exit door

Tuesday, June 21, 2022