Watching television can be so depressing
Just ask me, I’ll gladly tell you so
For every twenty minutes of prime time
There is ten minutes after your dough

First, there’s soft porn called Victoria’s Secret
Then erectile dysfunction you’re forced to see
Medicine for every possible condition
From stopping diarrhea to helping you pee

Don’t forget those blaring car commercials
Touting everything from Hondas to Humvees
Rent furniture to own with no money down
Or buy windows, buy one and get one free

And when the commercials begin to play
Earplugs are a necessity you must use
Volume-wise, they are almost twice as loud
Your sense of hearing they will abuse

They must think we are absolutely idiots
All the crap we are forced to watch
To them it is fair game, nothing is taboo
Medical conditions to a barely covered crotch

I realize air time must be paid for
For nothing in this life is remotely free
Just once I’d like to turn it on
And not have everything forced on me

At my house when the commercials start
The remote mute button always gets pushed
My attention, it goes to far better things
Not have my intelligence insulted by a tush!

Tuesday, June 14, 2022