My Name Is.....

My name is Zwecqduft Bjangrophyxviskl

A mouthful, that’s for sure

A name I’ve learned to loath

And all the teasing I have endured

My last name is Swedish-Polish

My first name is a combo of both

My fiancé’s name is Grablewinkowski

It’s a wonder we are betrothed!

Our firstborn, if a boy, will be William

Our firstborn, if a girl, will be Mary

No way with Bjangrophyxvistl

Would we name them something scary!

My fiancé and I, we are thinking

Maybe a name change we should get

Something simple and to the point

Like Zwecqduft and Moringa Alphabet!

Because if you count all the letters

That make up my total name

All of the alphabet has been used

I have only my parents to blame!

June 14, 2022