Two Dogs And The Blizzard

Two Dogs sat on his little pony
He was watching the western sky
He could see the blizzard coming
Needed shelter or he might die

Into the pine trees, he rode
Seeking shelter from the storm
He found a spot to his liking
A niche fallen trees had formed

In a rawhide pouch, he carried
Were things needed for a fire
Scraping ice and snow aside
He attended to things most dire

Burrowing under a pine tree
From the wind he found refuge
Founds rocks for a reflector
He piled them into a mound

He got his little fire started
Then listened to the wind moan
Knew it would be brutal
He heard trees creak and groan

Nestled deep inside his robe
He had but one simple desire
His dogs from his village
To nestle by him and the fire

Two Dogs, he was quite certain
It would be a three dog night
He wished that they were here
To help ward off the winter’s bite

As he tried to go to sleep
He felt the cold enter his bones
Was a typical Montana winter
For his mistake, he would atone

That night Two Dogs, he died
Was frozen solid to the ground
Because he was out hunting
Where no dogs could be found

Friday, June 17, 2022