Riding The Circuit

Weary, he slowly mounted his mule
And bid the congregation farewell
The sack of potatoes, two chickens
Pay for preaching about Heaven and Hell

The circuit that he monthly rode
Through these steep hills and hollers
Preaching, shepherding his flocks
Receiving goods instead of dollars

Baptisms are done in icy cold creeks
Meetings held out in the open air
Weddings performed every month
Many burials were done in deep despair

He prayed as the Holy Spirit arrived
Watched people as their lives changed
He led hundreds to the Lord
Watched as their eternal life was arranged

All of this he took in stride
Knowing he was doing the Lord’s work
It was something he was called to do
A duty that he wouldn’t shirk

The life of a circuit riding preacher
It took a special man to do
One with a love for his fellow man
Willing to do whatever ensued

Highway men, bandits, and Indians
Were dangers he faced along the way
He met every challenge with prayer
Even though Satan would try to delay

Now he rode down the wooded trail
Squawking chickens, sack of potatoes
Next stop, it would be different
He might receive a sack of tomatoes

It always was sufficient, just enough
To satisfy all of his Earthly needs
Trusted that the Lord would supply
He had his own family to feed

Up and down those lonely hills
He held meetings wherever he could
He led the lost to King Jesus
Preaching God’s Word, pure and good

Thursday, June 16, 2022