I Hate Snow!

“What is that awful white stuff

That is rapidly falling from the sky?”

“I know that I’ve seen it before

The reason it’s falling, I don’t know why!”

It tends to make a mess of things

On the roads makes it hard to drive

When it falls I have but one thought

Staying home, not driving I strive

When it falls my furnace runs more

So it is costing me in the end

And yes, I know it can be pretty

Your reasons for liking it you defend

I guess snow is a necessary evil

One that I have no control of

Don’t remind me how nice it is

While shoveling with a coat, hat, and gloves

Once a year is plenty enough

To satisfy everyone’s snow desire

I guess I can tolerate one day a year

Wearing the appropriate snow attire

If I must see or have to endure it

Then on television let me watch

The only way it would interest me

If it was on the head of a Sasquatch!

June 14, 2022