A Fourth Of July Disgrace

How do you write about the Fourth of July
When everything has already be written and said?
Of the battles we’ve fought, whether won or lost
And remembering the sacrifices of our brave dead

With the constant turmoil in our country today
It is a wonder that we can celebrate at all
How we can turn our backs on our history?
Watch as once revered monuments tumble and fall

The Pride of the South is being taken down
Fallen, shattered, humiliated in total disgrace
The movement that is behind this sad happening
It has tunnel vision and victory upon its face

How can you destroy, deny this nation’s history?
Right or wrong, it ultimately is what it is
Because you are angry something bad happened
Don’t cause your children our history to miss

The monuments were erected for a reason
To honor those who believed that they were right
So many of them paid the ultimate sacrifice
For a cause, they believed in, were willing to fight

If anything should be torn down, its Auschwitz
But instead, it is a memorial for all to see
For a mad man’s wrong cause, six million died
I don’t understand the reason, enlighten me

We can memorialize killing six million people
Make sure it stays a monument for all to see
But we pull down monuments to our Confederacy
Hypocritical reason of discrimination, slavery

So, where does all of this nonsense finally end?
Burn our history books, bury our heads in the sand?
Deface Mount Rushmore, Burn Jefferson’s Monticello?
Make a mockery of this once proud and noble land?

History, it, unfortunately, tends to repeat itself
It is up to us to make sure that it doesn’t happen
To learn from our mistakes we must strive to do
And not allow ignorance to continue to dampen

Don’t get me wrong, I am adamantly against both
Against humanity, both causes were both terribly wrong
But on this Fourth of July as I sit and write, I am
Ashamed of what’s happening in this country where I belong!

Tuesday, June 21, 2022