Sister Betty's Ministry

It was Saturday morning at the church

Sister Betty was scrubbing the bathroom floor

On her knees, sweat streaming down her face

A place where she had been many times before

Some people have a ministry to be envied

Preaching the gospel, praise and worship team

Maybe teaching a class on Sunday morning

Are things people look up to, so it seems

But there are other ministries out there

Ones that people never consider or know

Someone has to clean, maintain the church

Running the sweeper, cleaning toilet bowls

Sister Betty wasn’t a teacher or singer

And being a public speaker, she was not

The one thing that she was very good at

Push a broom, mop using water piping hot

It was something that she took pride in

Didn't care what the people would think

You would usually find her praising the Lord

While scrubbing the church kitchen sink

She knew that it was her life’s calling

And she thanked the Lord for the opportunity

Every Sunday morning it was quite obvious

Her ministry was there for all to see

Friday, August 19, 2022