The Voice

The adrenaline rush was over
And I was starting to calm down
Something amazing had happened
While on my way to town

A heavy snow was still falling
On this obviously gloomy day
Huge drifts were rapidly forming
Having been blown into my way

Visibility was maybe a quarter mile
Windshield wipers couldn’t keep up
I saw it in my eye’s corner
While taking  a drink from my coffee cup

Suddenly there was a deer
Standing in the middle of the road
Having no choice, I swerved
Entering a desperate survival mode

Losing control, I began to skid
Sideways toward a giant oak tree
Thoughts of the deer were now gone
As my concern was now on me

“God, help me,” I frantically cried
The steering wheel in my tight grip
The thought came into my mind
Am I about to take a heavenly trip?

In my mind, a voice gently spoke
“Let loose of the steering wheel”
“Trust me and you’ll be ok”
“My power I will for you reveal”

I quickly did as I was told
Having no idea what to expect
Something appeared before my eyes
My life it will forever affect

A pair of hands gripped the wheel
They brought me out of that skid
We missed the tree by a foot
And to a gentle, safe stop we slid

“You’re safe and secure, my child”
The voice spoke into my mind
“Remember, I’m just a prayer away”
“I’m really quite easy to find”

Friday, June 17, 2022