Daddy's Hands

Calloused and rough they were
As the little boy gripped them tight
A farmer’s hands were always sore
Needed soaking most every night

His hands were supple and slender
Able to do the most amazing things
These thoughts ran through her head
Watching her daddy’s violin strings

The outstretched hand of his daddy
Greeted the members of his church
The little boy watched them smile
As they continued their Godly search

The precise hands of a brain surgeon
As he saves the life of a little girl
A soldier teaching his son how to salute
Old Glory, as the wind gently unfurls

The dismayed hands of a New York Cop
Carrying the body of a little boy
The unknowing hands of a fireman
As to the Trade Centers, he did deploy

The meek, giving hands of a volunteer
As he fulfills a desperate need
The firm assuredness of our President
Making this land safe for you and me

There is one more set of daddy’s hands
The loving ones of which I now share
He’s on his knees beside his child’s bed
His hands lifted to God in fervent prayer

Tuesday, June 21, 2022