There Were Two!!!

He had finally hit the lottery

He had drawn a grizzly bear permit

A prize he had always coveted

In fact, he could hardly believe it

He had contacted an Alaskan outfitter

And through him had booked a hunt

Had practiced shooting his bow

With broad heads and field points blunt

Now he was sitting in a blind

Overlooking the crossing of two trails

His outfitter had guaranteed him

That this blind had never failed

At dusk, he was ready to leave

When he heard footsteps nearby

He knocked an arrow in anticipation

Get a bear, he sure was gonna try

He saw a dark shape materialize

Crossing the trail near his blind

He was at full draw immediately

Through his peep sight target did find

He released and watched his arrow fly

And his shot was straight and true

Into the ribs of a massive bear

Its loud roar was his satisfying clue

From his blind, he quickly stepped

And in moments he was dead

He thought there was one bear

To his dismay, there were two instead!

Tuesday, October 11, 2022