The Tasmanian Devil

There is a Tasmanian Devil
And this I know is true
Our daughter, she owns one
He sticks to her like glue

He’s half lab and half poodle
His best feature … his bark
Whenever you find a seat
Your lap, his head, he parks

His name, he is called Taz
And he has a contrary streak
Sometimes he comes when called
Others, he ignores when you speak

Playing, you can’t wear him out
He can go on for hours
His toys, covered with slobbers
Makes you want to shower

She got him for protection
When on their property she roams
Most times he stays with her
Others wait for him to come home

All in all, he is a good dog
Some areas he needs to be trained
As hard as he tries to please
Sometimes he has no brains

That’s ok because she loves him
His faults she overlooks
He is a Tasmanian Devil
In her heart, he’s found a nook!

Tuesday, June 14, 2022