It seems there are many questions

About the origins of you and me

Theories and contradictions flourish

Arguments and strife will always be

Some say that we evolved from apes

Darwin’s theory wants you to agree

If that was true then why don’t

We keep on evolving? It puzzles me

Or did we come from outer space

Many millions of years ago?

Are the UFOs that people see

Our relatives? I’d really like to know

Are we the remnants of another race?

In eons past have we been here before?

Did we stumble through a portal?

And discover it was the wrong door?

Are there people living on other planets”

Or are we the only God-created race?

Is our DNA the same as God’s?

Is it something that we can trace?

Some say we are probably aliens

And have immigrated from another world

That possibly something went wrong

And onto this planet, we were hurled

All of these theories constantly surface

But there is one I like the best

To me, it makes far more logical sense

Than all of the unproven rest

I believe that God lovingly created me

And into me, He implanted a soul

Along with it, He placed a spirit

It’s true; because my Bible tells me so

I was created to commune, worship Him

In return, He supplies all my needs

In a way, He’s a Heavenly farmer

And we are to be his holy seed

The fact is we are definitely aliens

We were created for another place

Where we will commune with Jesus

And bask in His loving, saving grace

Sunday, July 7, 2022