Online Dating

Have you ever tried online dating?

And much to your surprise

The person you end up meeting

Is totally repulsive before your eyes

The online photo that you saw

Was of someone quite petite

The person standing before you

Has size sixteen triple E feet

If they have all of their teeth

It would outnumber their hair

And when they try to sit down

It takes two side by side chairs

Their cheap perfume is overpowering

To cover their body odor, it tries

Along with sweat, there is filth

Their wrinkled clothing, no surprise

One size fits all doesn’t apply

They are wearing a wrinkled tent

By their height and mighty girth

For food, all their money was spent

They look at you with unbridled love

While you look for a place to hide

Being polite means don’t be rude

Even though you’re cringing inside

So, if you’re into online dating

And they look too good to be true

Chances are it very probably is

Their picture should be the clue

Thursday, November 17, 2022