A Life's Mission

We really don’t have much in life
We’re here a short time, then we’re gone
What we do while we are here
Depends on the mission that we’re on

Some people look for fame and glory
While others, it’s power they seek
Some choose a life of philanthropy
Then there are those humble and meek

The ones that achieve the most in life
Are the ones who share the Lord
The riches they earn are Heavenly
When they and God are in one accord

They’ll be found preaching on street corners
Or helping the elderly, feeding the poor
Helping out in times of dire emergency
They shrug off praise, don’t keep score

If you are judged by what you do
Then the pious, they will always fall
The secret to being rich on this Earth
Is to humble yourself and become small

The Master will always seek the meek
He will look deep inside their heart
If you are sincere He will use you
Then your life’s mission, it will start

Thursday, June 23, 2022