The Flower Farm

Now Miss Marigold lived on a farm
With her sisters, Rose, Violet, and Iris
There was a new addition named Sweet Pea
And an older brother named Clem-atis

The little one would hold her Tulips apart
You could smell her Baby’s Breath
Their beautiful Mother, Black Eyed Susan
Father, Man-devilla died a tragic death

In their Garden-ia worked during Morning Glory
Many Phlox of sheep were in the Heather
There were many hives of Bee-Balms
A Cock’s Comb Trumpet Vined the weather

Now Cosmos, a family Bachelor Button
To a frog said, “I Dahlia you to Crocus”
“If you don’t I will sic on you a Foxglove
“You’ll push up Daisies if you don’t focus

Their Aunt Delphinium had a Bleeding Heart
Her Lady’s Slipper didn’t fit, was Impatien
On her Uncle Jacob’s Ladder, she climbed
New shoes, Queen Anne’s Lace, and Carnations

Off to church, they went, neat and Prim-rose
Forget Me Not, Jesus’s words, they did say
You Canna-Lily make it to Heaven unless
Be Glad-iolus you have accepted me today

Make sure you don’t Lilac the sinners
You may be punished with a Golden Rod
Just know that eternal life is Free-sia
Because Alyssum you will meet your God.

Friday, June 17, 2022