Window to the Soul

It is said that your eyes are windows
Through which you can see your soul
Everything that enters has significance
Either good or bad, I’ve been told

Since from childbirth Satan controls you
He will tempt you with things that please
Things that are attractive to the eye
Becoming an unquenchable desire disease

He will parade sin before your eyes
Something to make you think it is good
The more you give in, the more it comes
Trapped, stopping it, you know you should

He will show you things you shouldn’t see
Things that will make you blush and shudder
Make you want things you shouldn’t have
Cause strife between you and your brother

The eyes want thus, the eyes want that
There will be no end to the yearning
the inner turmoil that your spirit feels
Keeps those wants and desires burning

There are times when your eyes need washed
So that you can make correct decisions
How to see past all of Satan’s conniving
And accept his wiles as nothing but derision

Then your eyes will open to the truth
God’s wisdom will invade your very soul
Things that Satan tempted you with
Are seen as hay and stubble from Sheol

Your eyes can be trained to see good
How to overlook the things that condemn
Once taught to follow the good and narrow
That path teaches you how to avoid them

Your windows can see both good and bad
It is up to you what you allow to come in
You can revel in the good things from God
Or you can continue to surrender to sin

November 25, 2022