The First And Last Expedition

When the coyotes stop a howling
And the night becomes eerily still
The forest, it tries to engulf you
Sends shivers up your spine at will

You know that something is out there
Your imagination, it runs wild
All of a sudden you are afraid
Hoping you won’t get hurt or defiled

Every little noise makes your jump
Your first tendency is to turn and run
If there really is something out there
It makes you wish you have a gun

You hear movement in the underbrush
Flash your light in that direction
A fleeing form ducks behind a tree
Trying to escape your light’s reflection

To the left of you comes a scream
From the right, there comes a knock
Something whistles in the distance
Through the air, there comes a rock

What you went out looking for
Has made its presence to you known
Stark terror, it totally engulfs you
Suddenly you wish you were home

Getting out of there is all you want
As you race madly down the trail
It’s footsteps you hear behind you
It’s a Bigfoot, a full-grown male

To your truck, you finally arrive
Get in quickly and lock the door
Your first Bigfoot expedition is over
You vow you’ll never go anymore!

Friday, June 17, 2022