I'd Rather Be A Dog

If I had to be any animal
A dog I would rather be
The life they live I could too
It seems that way to me

Eighteen hours a day I’d sleep
My bowl would always be full
My bed would be soft and comfy
During winter a blanket of wool

I would have plenty of toys
Every day I would get a treat
Safe and secure I would be
While lying at my Master’s feet

My home I would always guard
At any strange noise, I’d bark
I’d know the words “Go Bye Bye”
On a leash walk through the park

I’d be a big part of my family
A valued member of the pack
Look forward to all the times
When Master’d scratch my back

I would be loyal to my Master
Show him my unconditional love
Something placed I’m me at birth
From Almighty God up above

Yes, I want to be a dog
Where life’s cares are far and few
What more could you ask for
Seems to me. How about you?

Thursday, June 16, 2022