A Thanksgiving To Remember

Grocery stores are full of turkeys
Pumpkin, there is a large supply
Eggs, there is no apparent shortage
Can find all you need if you try

The fear of getting sick and dying
Affects the holiday that we love
Missing time with family, loved ones

Under the dining table, feet can’t shove
We are told it’s best we stay home
Not spread that Covid germ around
Will Thanksgiving be a sad day
Where empty loved ones’ chairs are found?

Flying, it is a very risky option
Would be best if you stayed away
Trains and subways are not for you
If you want to live another day

Trying to eat turkey through a mask
Is something that can’t be done
Or sharing love while six feet apart
Seems to me it’s not a lot of fun

Thanksgiving will come again next year
By that time let’s pray Covid is done
Pray that God puts an end to it
And victory over this pandemic is won

Tuesday, June 21, 2022