He Wanted To Be A Clown

For as long as he could remember

He had always wanted to be a clown

Everyone that he had ever encountered

Made him smile instead of frown

For a costume, he saved his money

And purchased an item, one at a time

A hat, baggy pants, and oversized shoes

And a striped shirt, yellow, green, and lime

Wearing his costume, he approached a circus

If they needed a clown, could he apply

They told him that he must audition

It was up to him if he wanted to try

Into the big top, they led him

And to a giant cannon, they stopped

“The clown that we shot, he died”

“He missed the net, to the ground dropped”

“The job is yours if you want it”

“Health insurance, You’re on your own”

“Three times a day you will be shot”

“If your lucky, won’t break any bones”

“On the dotted line, he signed his name

He did his daily flying with pride

But he couldn’t help but wonder,

Am I trying to commit suicide?

Thursday, June 30, 2022