If A Bullet Had A Brain

A bullet doesn’t know the difference
Whether its victim is worthy or not
It just follows its Master’s bidding
In peaceful situations  or one hot

Once that trigger has been pulled
There’s no recalling that shot
What it strikes dictates your future
Whether it is a crime or is not

In reality, it’s not the bullet’s fault
That it was involved in a crime
Trigger pulled, it just takes off
Nowadays it happens all the time

Would a smart bullet ever work?
Would it put an end to crime?
In mid-flight adjust, correct its course
Stop a killing just in time?

So, do we need intelligent bullets?
Capable of analyzing every shot?
Some will say yes, some say no
Come to a conclusion, we can not

I wonder if they ever make one
And it has a mind of its own
What happens if it ever goes astray
Its brain malfunctions, who will atone?

Start litigation against the programer
Against the maker file a lawsuit
The only thing that will come from it
Your attorney fills his pockets, your loot

I doubt that it will ever happen
They would be too expensive to buy
Senseless killings continue every day
The victim’s families continue to cry

Thursday, June 16, 2022