The Treasure Map

He found it inside an old book
While browsing at a thrift store
Something told him it was old
Bought it, spent a dollar ninety-four

A treasure map it appeared to be
He wondered if it was real
Creased, dirty, its edges torn
Printed on linen, had the right feel

The book, he threw it away
He hurried home with his old map
Magnifying glass in his hand
He studied his linen paper scrap

It was written in old Spanish
Something he wasn’t fluent in
He bought a Spanish dictionary
Excited, he sat back and dug in

It talked about an Arizona treasure
Millions in gold to be found
The landmarks were easy to read
Leading to riches underground

He bought picks, shovels, and a tent
A backpack, canteens, and a gun
Supplies to last for two weeks
Spent a fortune before he was done

He left home early one morning
Stopped for gas along the way
Saw his map stacked at the register
Paid for his gas, he was dismayed

“A little old man, he makes them”
“It’s how he supplements his income”
“You can’t believe how many we sell”
“Tourists buy them! Really dumb!”

Tuesday, June 21, 2022