Creepy Crawler

Up your leg, it slowly crawls
Looking for  a place to hide
Maybe the warmth of an armpit
Or a sleeper’s mouth open wide

Inquisitive, it searches
Hoping for a taste of blood
Finding a place to its liking
It bites and its belly floods

Sated, it pauses to quietly rest
Belly protruding, it sleeps
It knows that when it awakens
It will again drink long and deep

It knows that its venom is toxic
Reactions to it will always vary
From a red bump to a nasty rash
Or a hospital room, sanitary

One of God’s creatures, it is
Its purpose? Who knows why?
Seeing one can cause shudders
It usually makes women cry

Even though it is God’s creation
I know that I’m going to try
To do everything I possibly can
To make that nasty spider die!

Tuesday, June 21, 2022