A Bounty Hunter's Luck

He was on a ruthless killer’s trail

The reward on him was temptingly high

Being a bounty hunter, life was hard

A fact that he simply couldn’t deny

He was deep in the High Sierra Mountains

That was where the killer’s trail led

His hair stood on the back of his neck

Any mistake and he would be dead

His horse’s ears suddenly cocked

Telling him that someone was close by

Double checked his pistol, it was loaded

He knew he wouldn’t get a second try

he knew all about the killer’s reputation

That he was lightning-fast with a gun

In all of the gunfights, he had been in

The killer was good and had always won

The hunter knew he was better with a rifle

With his Colt, he was fair, so-so

He knew if he was going to survive

His cunning he would have to show

Around a pile of rocks, he slowly went

On his holster, he laid his hand

On the trail waiting was the killer

Knowing kill or be killed was the plan

The killer slapped leather, went for his gun

And the hunter awkwardly did the same

Hot lead was flying in both directions

They were engrossed in a killing game

The killer’s bullets went soaring overhead

As in a moment, he suddenly dropped

His shots then connected, the killer was dead

His reign of terror had finally been stopped

There was only one reason that he survived

And that he wasn’t lying there dead

The very first shot that he had fired

He shot his horse in the back of the head!

Saturday, October 15, 2022