A Drop Of Cool Water

"Just a drop of cool water"
Came the request from below
“Please, I need some relief”
“Why I’m here, I don’t know”

“One moment I was with friends
Drinking wine from golden cups”
“The next moment I am burning”
“It was so quick and abrupt”

“I was a very wealthy man”
“Anything I wanted ever I got”
“I didn’t care who I hurt”
“And in the end, I got caught”

“One day I met a man”
“Jesus was His name”
“I asked Him about eternal life”
“His answer made me ashamed”

“He told me to give it away”
“All of the things I owned”
“It was too much to ask”
“The results! If I had known”

“Now it’s dark and very hot”
“My thirst is out of control”
“Please send me a drop of water”
“Relief is my primary goal”

“I know now why I am here”
“I ignored Jesus, He ignores me”
“My future is where I am”
“I will be here for eternity?"

Friday, June 17, 2022