Can You Imagine?

Can you imagine coming alive?

After being three days dead?

Feel your spirit enter your body?

Remove the wrapping from your head

Can you imagine taking a breath?

Feel fresh air fill your lungs?

Smell your body’s perfume anointing

As to you, it has clung

Can you imagine opening your eyes?

And see the stone rolled away?

Arise from your burial resting place

Step out into a brand new day

Can you imagine the morning sun?

As it gently warms your face?

Feel the soft refreshing breeze

As it encircles you in an embrace

Can you imagine walking that road?

Knowing what will happen next?

Having to reveal yourself to Thomas

And silently watch how it affects

Can you imagine passing your mantle?

To a handful of mortal men?

Trusting them that they will do

Your ministry over and over again

Can you imagine ascending into Heaven?

To sit by our Heavenly Father’s side?

All of these things Jesus endured

After He went to the cross and died

Can you imagine the love that He has

To be willing to die for our sins?

How can we ever repay this man?

By repenting, That’s where we begin

June 14, 2022