The Dollar

He only had a dollar
When the plate was passed
He dropped it in willingly
Money, it was his last

He knew God would bless it
Just like the widow’s mite
Concerned, he wasn’t at all
The Master would make it right

By faith God he trusted
It’s something he always did
A lesson he learned early
Starting when he was a kid

His first tithe was a dime
It increased through the years
Now, down on his luck
He gave it with his tears

It was the only answer
He knew it deep inside
When he gave that dollar
It crucified his pride

Homeless, yes, he still is
Struggling to survive every day
He knows a home awaits him
This mortal man of clay

By faith he still daily lives
On Sunday he pays his tithe
He knows he will continue
As long as he is alive

Friday, June 17, 2022